Annalù joins the NFT world with two new projects, characterized by two-dimensional and three-dimensional works.
The first project, consisting of 2D works, was created to open a window onto the world of the artist, offering a glimpse of the most important works that have affected her visionary career.

“How long does forever last?”
“Sometimes, it’s just one second.”
This thought originated a new project, which involves Annalù in first person, allowing her to explore the world of NFTs through her Avatar. How does an artist spend her time and life in her studio? Annalù in Wonderland moves between brushes, technical masks and a forklift, always accompanied by the magical background of a faithfully reproduced Dreamcatcher, which makes every moment eternal.

1 NFT = 0,1 ETH




3 NFTs = Artwork

One lucky Owner of 3 2DNFTs will be honored with a small work picked by the Artist

6 NFTs = Artwork + catalogue

One lucky Owner of 6 2DNFTs will be honored with a small work by the Artist +  autographed "Annalù Works"  monographic catalog.

9 NFTs = Artist Set + catalogue

One lucky Owner of 9 2D NFTs will be honored with a box set with an artist's work + autographed "Annalù Works" monographic catalogue


Every 4 months there will be an extraction which includes the following prizes:

3 NFTs = 3 signed and dedicated monographic catalogs

One lucky Owner of 3 2D NFTs drawn will win 3 signed and dedicated monographic catalogs by the Artist Annalù. The monographic catalogs will be: “Annalù works”, “Dreamcatcher” and “Arbor”.

6 NFTs = Small work

One lucky Owner of 6 2D NFTs drawn will win a small work by the Artist

9 NFTs = Box with a work

One lucky Owner of 9 NFT 2D drawn will win a box with a work by the Artist



A Whitelist will be opened for priority access to the sale


From 12 to 14 May in Turin there will be an exhibition NFT organized by the guys of Phygilab, where they will be presented the 2D collection “Annalù in Wonderland” and the first NFT 3D 1/1 called “WATERBOOK”.


A collection of 200 bidimensional avatars, randomly generated


By owning 3, 6 or 9 bidimensional NFTs, the owner will gain access to some exclusive advantages and prizes


There will be 3 winners drawn who own 3/6/9 NFTs from the Annalù in Wonderland collection, one in each category, who will win fantastic prizes chosen by the artist.


After four months, there will be a second draw attended by the owners of the “Annalù in Wonderlad” collection. There will be 3 winners drawn who own 3/6/9 NFTs from the Annalù in Wonderland collection, one in each category, who will win fantastic prizes chosen by the artist.

The Artist presents throughout tridimensional NFTs the breath of her research, through unique and unreleased works that reflect her mood: the concepts of fluidity, lightness, daydreaming, suspension of time.
The themes proposed in these digital works retrace some of the main pillars of Annalù’s work: the Dreamcatcher, Fukinagashi and Waterbooks are some of the works that will take new life through a cyclic animation that reflects the poetics of the artist herself.

The NFT Dreamcatcher series retraces the sculptural works of the same name where the plot unfolds in a metamorphosis of butterflies with surreal colors. In these works the world of water and air contaminate and interpenetrate one inside the other. These are butterflies that swim and the central splash becomes a sort of stargate towards other dimensions.


FLYINGFEET is inspired by Hermes myth: the anatomy of the legs is created by the movement of the butterflies that join together.The liberation movement is started by the Morpho butterfly.The NFT was created scanning Annalù bronze sculpture entitled Flyingfeet.


SPLASHINGFEET is the representation of a jump into a puddle where the body cancels itself becoming the substance of the sky and water. The NFT, scanned by the resin sculpture, tells of a time in which the shape has the value of mandala.


The first 3D NFT of the collection is inspired by the Waterbook and Sagitta series where the ancient forbidden books are opened with a dynamic gesture: a world of tales like water that flows clear.
The sound animation develops within a dreamlike and surreal scenario, repeating itself in a loop.



1 NFT 3D = Enter Annalù’s studio

The owner of the NFT in 3D will have the privilege of being able to enter Annalù’s studio, get to know the Artist and have a small dedicated work (20×20) as a gift.


Annalù was born in 1976, in San Donà di Piave, right next to Venice. Annalù’s artistic project represents something unique in the contemporary panorama. The oxymoron that is the basis of her poetics is evident in her work: a sculpture that imposes itself in three dimensions and that seems absolutely, incontrovertibly liquid. From the resin heavily used in her sculptures, strongly poetic work is born, playing on the short circuit between the natural datum and a sumptuous artificiality, between the instant and eternity, between the apparent fragility and compactness of the material. What the focus is on is the moment of transition from one state to another, through a dynamic equilibrium sharing an attitude very close to alchemical science aimed at the transmutation of one matter into another. The work tells of an expanded time in which the shape has the value of a mandala. Her works can be found in numerous international public and private collections.

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NFTs (non fungible tokens) are digital assets that attribute digital ownership on the Blockchain network to those who own them.

Ethereum is a digital ecosystem based on Blockchain technology, which has its own currency (cryptocurrency) called Ethereum (ETH), with which other cryptocurrencies or NFTs can be purchased within its ecosystem.

The supported wallet will be Metamask.

The creator of the project is the artist Annalù, supported by Phygilab , the WEB3 company that managed the technical and promotional parts of the project.

Yes, there will be a public sale right after the Whitelist.

The 2D collection will be visible on OpenSea. The 3D collection will be visible on SuperRare